Creative and Awesome Toilet Paper Designs

It’s 2014, Have More Fun In The Bathroom

I guess using regular toilet paper is old news. I keep coming across funny toilet paper. Most of it, is a waste of money, others I can’t see how anybody would spend the money on it. Honestly, I buy regular toilet paper. Sam’s Club always has great deals on Charmin. Maybe, I should live on the edge and spend a few bucks on a roll of toilet paper, or maybe I should save my money and put it to good use.

This post is meant to be funny. Please don’t take it to heart. Enjoy the funny rolls I came across.

You can’t go wrong with Chuck Norris
“Chuck Norris once had his own toilet paper brand. It was taken off the market because it wouldn’t take crap from anybody.”

They say you can write on this one without poking through. If it comes with a pen I might buy it.
Woman Nagging Toilet Paper
A lot of things to measure in the bathroom.
Exotic Toilet Paper
Glow In The Dark Toilet Paper
(you can’t tell the difference on here, but I was assured it works)



Cheese Grated Toilet Paper. For Real Men. 


Wiping with money makes someone people feel better
Mind Trainer Toilet Paper. This actually looks cool. I will add this to my Christmas list. 
Every Military and Hunters Dream Toilet Paper
Japanese Toilet Paper with Kuji Suzuki Novels written on it
Origami Toilet Paper, very useful.
Sodoku Toilet Paper
Last but not least, I found the world’s most expensive toilet paper. Why anybody in their right mind would spend $1,300,000 on a roll of 3-ply 22 carat gold toilet paper is and has to be extremely out there! I guess if you have the money to waste and don’t mind splurging go right ahead. While you are at it, make sure to buy the golden pills. They make your poop filled with gold.(
After spending all your money on crazy toilet paper make sure that all your plumbing is working properly. If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to email. I’m always glad to answer you plumbing questions. Next week we are doing a Q & A about plumbing. Send your questions, so we can get them answered and published on time. 

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